Coin Master – Key Facts Related To The Game

Coin Master is a unique game with a unique concept. By playing it, you are able to enjoy two types of concepts such as – village building & slot machine. For getting progress, the players need to develop the village by spending coins.

The coins can be collected with the use of Coin Master Hack. Another way to earn funds is related to the slot machine. The machine works as the source of gathering funds with the help of different types of combinations.

Know more About Coin Master Game

The machine includes three different slots with numerous icons. Perfect outcomes with all three slots the same will help you in performing something different. If anyone will get a random combination, then he/she is not able to take any kind of action.

All types of combinations are associated with a price except for a few ones. The value of icon and outcomes decide the amount of coins you can receive. Upcoming details are based on the icons available in the slot machine.

• Hammer – attacking is also featured, and it works as a good source for gathering money. A player can attack the friends when he/she gets the hammer in all three slots. For attack, you need to choose a village from the friend list. A successful attack is helpful in claiming a huge amount of currency. An attack gets failed only in a condition which is activated shield on opponent's village.

• Shield – it is a crucial thing and saves the village from the attackers. One shield can be used at once only. You are able to keep the maximum three shields on the village at a time. Expect for it, there is not another way available which can help you in saving the village progress. In case anyone attacks the village and cause lots of damage then you need to spend funds & time for its recovery first.

Pig face – getting pig face on slot machine provides a big opportunity to make money. It represents the pirates and gives three chances for digging treasure in one village. There are total four places marked for such a task. Everyone needs to choose three from it. One place is containing a huge amount of coins, and one is empty, and two have a small amount.

These three are the main icons available in the slot machine. You can see numerous others such as – light. When it comes to the attack & dig, then everyone needs to be careful and make decision genteelly.

Lots of maps

For getting progress, you should be focused on the village upgrades and developments. When a village is completed, then the next one gets unlocked. The game is featured with a big map which has lots of options regarding the villages and some other options. With the villages, the upgrading time and cost both are also increased.

Connect with social media

Accessing friend list is the desire of all players. It can be possible by connecting the game account to the Facebook account. It provides lots of benefits such as –

• Play with numerous other players all over the world

• Share experience and gather valuable knowledge from the game experts

• The system provides 50 additional spins as a reward

• 1 million coins as a reward

• Progress regarding village and playing stats are completely secure

• Enjoy the game with friends by destroying their villages and defending own

You should connect account with social media quickly and avail all these benefits. Coin Master Cheats are useful in providing proper guidance for playing in the perfect manner. For avoiding the problem creating conditions, you need to make decisions carefully on all stages or steps of the game.

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